Rent Office Space


Are you in the market to rent office space locally in the Los Angeles or Glendale areas? If so,Hollywood Production Center has some great office space for rental. With gorgeous options for everything from recording studios to director’s offices, rent your office space near Sunset Gower Studios CA today.

With so many options, you are sure to find the building to suit all of your business needs. Each and every space is fully furnished and includes everything you need to start operating in the same day. Internet, phone and all utilities are included with every option. This saves you so much on start up costs that are usually very expensive.

Sharing your business environment can save so much money and still maintain your distinct identity. With top notch amenities, cutting edge technology, professional meeting space, pre-installed IT infrastructure 100 per cent ready to use and so much more, all these wonderful features will help your business thrive.

There are four different options for your office suite size, all of which are fully furnished. Valet parking in a gated environment is an option and there is plenty of parking for every option. Around the clock surveillance will give you the piece of mind of knowing your business is always secure. There is also a professional reception area and janitorial services, among so many other amenities.

Voice, data and high speed internet services are all pre-installed and ready to use. Each facility is equipped with its own personal trainer, car wash, gym, showers, yoga teacher, masseuse and flower and plant arrangements. Each office suite also includes balconies, private kitchens and entrance and skylights.

HPC1 is the first option. Sunset Gower Studios is just a short walk away. The building offers individual offices as well as office suites. Also known as the Gower Street property, all you need to start working in this property is your laptop.

HPC2 is the second option. With six floors as well as a basement level, it offers a little more space than HPC1. Attorneys, real estate and talent agencies more commonly choose this option. It gives so much piece of mind knowing you do not have to set up and individually pay separate utility accounts.

HPC3 is located in Glendale. With a basement level and three floors, this is a more common option for production spaces. Like the other options, you will not need to buy anything else when you move your business in. Free refreshments and an on-site cafe will really get you motivated to create.

HPC4 just recently opened to the public. Offering over 100 spaces, there is plenty of room for your business to move in today. Many popular TV series are current tenants of the building. Like all other options, everything is fully furnished.

Besides all the amazing amenities, the options will give you the best experience in renting your space. With excellent customer service and extensive knowledge of the Southern California area, you will want to move in as soon as you give HPC a call. They specialize in rental space for new media, publishing, TV, and film production companies.