Rent Office Space


For those who are in the entertainment industry in the Hollywood area, office space is a premium asset in order for them to effectively carry out their filmmaking business. If you are looking for a good place to engage in the filming business, then you need to know that Hollywood Production Center has excellent office space in the Los Feliz CA area. One of the challenges for a filming company is to find a location which is appropriate but also affordable as well. As an individual who is active in the entertainment industry, I know that HPC has built up a strong reputation for their office rentals. Read on for more information about this great office space company. Consider the following facts:

HPC has a great track record.

I am impressed with the track record that this company has with the office space that they provide to their tenants. Hollywood Production Center is literally a who’s who of people from within the industry. Clients such as Last Comic Standing, MTV, Fox, Lifetime, XBOX Video, Oxygen and many others have all availed themselves of the fantastic facilities which HPC has become known for. Like many others, I was very impressed with the fact that the Hollywood Production Company has been in existence and establishing itself since 2001.

This production rental company has great facilities.

The office space in Los Feliz CA is truly the cream of the crop for all of your filmmaking pursuits. If you are looking to rent office space then you need to realize that this office space agency has just about everything that you will need in their Los Feliz and other locations. The Hollywood Production Company features fully furnished suites which range in various sizes. The company offers ample parking and even has a valet system for many of their clients. The sites also offer 24-hour reception, janitorial, and surveillance access so that your film crew can fully focus on the film making process. The Los Feliz site offers an on-site gym, showers, a personal trainer, yoga instructor, a masseuse and even a car wash. The offices offer you skylights and even private balconies as well.

The office space in Los Feliz has many different areas that can be utilized for stellar filming. There are rooftop locations, penthouse filming, office filming, rooftop filming, and many other allowances as well. A concierge service is even offered. Don’t pass up this great opportunity to visit this website or give them a call to take a tour of this fantastic facility!