Rent Office Space


If you are looking for sleek offices that will get the job done while you get your job done then look no further than Hollywood Production Center (HPC) for your office rental needs. Not every office needs to be a cubicle farm with a water cooler and no windows, get offices now with ample parking, skylights, and balconies. Leases for the facilities can be rented month to month or on a yearly basis, let us tailor the office to your needs. Rent office space now around the Burbank CA area for whatever you might need: filming locations, meeting spaces, production areas, we can meet your needs.

Fully furnished offices are offered with a well organized flow that feel professional while maintaining comfortability. Technology isn’t sacrificed with comforts of this office with high speed internet available as well as voice and data installation. The HPC offices are also dog friendly for anyone who likes to bring a bit of home to the office. Get the studio you’ve always wanted with proper amenities to fuel the fire of your projects.

Let our offices be your space for creativity with large studios ready to be transformed into your personal spot. Nobody wants to have a facility that detracts from their ability to do what they do and HPC has office rentals open now that can keep your mind at ease. Whether you need a sound stage, a production area, a rehearsal space, anything under the Burbank sun we have you covered. With a production stage area that offers proper electricity and rooms for audio, control, make-up, and wardrobe let your space be a place of harmony for you and your crew.

Rent office space now in order to have a proper working environment with an on-site gym, yoga, and masseuse or valet parking, and private kitchens. With an extensive list of professional clients including Paramount Pictures, CBS, Comedy Central, and Bravo the spaces available from Hollywood Production Center are there to meet the expectations of people from CEOs to interns. Don’t let the stresses of work plague your production with a sub-standard space.