Rent Office Space


As an employee of the entertainment industry, you may have to deal with working in multiple different places with different teams of writers, editors, and other entertainment employees. It would be more convenient to be able to bring those teams together and work on your project all in one spot. The Hollywood Production Center in Bel Air, CA can provide you and your teams with just that: an all-in-one location where you can write, film, edit, and just generally work on your latest filming project. This center is filled with amenities and advantages that clients can use at their disposal.

The many office suites provided here come in different sizes and are all fully furnished. They come with their own kitchens, balconies, skylights, and private entrances. This is a great place to work on writing and editing with your teams. HPC also has many locations on-site where you can film, including the office areas, rooftops, courtyard, patio, and a whole lot more.

This center not only provides you and your team with a productive work environment, but also with a lot of amenities. There are more than enough parking spaces, and valet parking is also available because this center knows how busy you can be. One really good reason to rent office space here is that this facility is under 24-hour surveillance for your protection. The janitorial and professional reception area at this center are top-notch, and help to make your stay as comfortable as possible. There is a gym to work out, showers to cool down, and a spa to relax. You can even have a yoga instructor, personal trainer, or masseuse help you take your well-earned break with their corresponding activities.

The production center here in Bel Air CA can be a great professional meeting space for you and your team. Not only is internet widely available in all parts of the facility, but there is also an IT infrastructure that is completely installed and ready for immediate use. The technology available is high-quality and up to date. The center can also provide you with your own professional address.

This center has a great deal on office rentals, so subscribe to the website today to get a free tour of the facility. You can even call in for your free tour and move in on the same day. This can help you save a lot of money on start-up costs. If you are working on a major project, such as a movie or an entire season of a tv show, then you can obtain long-term and month to month leases.