Rent Furnished Executive Office Spaces

Rent Furnished Executive Office Spaces in Santa Monica, CA

The city of Santa Monica CA is one of the best places to live and work in the US, thanks to its strategic location overlooking the Pacific Ocean, vibrant community, and proximity to Hollywood and other places of interest. Hollywood PC was specifically established in 2003 to serve the growing entertainment community in southern California. The establishment stands out today as the premier provider of chic office space for TV/film production. The centers are namely; Hollywood PC1, Hollywood PC2, Hollywood PC3, Hollywood PC4, Hollywood PC5, and Hollywood PC at TENTEN. These establishments are located in Hollywood, Glendale, and downtown Los Angeles.

The amenities integrated here include offices of different sizes, ample parking, High-speed wireless internet, and executive office suites. The offices feature skylights, balconies, and private kitchens and entrances. The conference rooms available are highly ideal for business meetings, thanks to world-class amenities such as video conferencing facilities and pre-installed data and voice service. There is also a new HPC sound stage in Glendale that is equipped to accommodate the production of television programs, music videos, and commercials. The amenities available at the sound stage include studio, audio rooms, make-up rooms, engineering rooms, control rooms, wardrobes, and restrooms for men and women.

Moving into this premium address has also been enhanced with the presence of a professional reception area, backed by an exceptional customer support desk that operates 24/7. These offerings all add up to make Hollywood PC the ideal place for companies and their staff to live and work. Besides the amenities, filming and TV producers, creative managers, and all members of the entertainment industry from Santa Monica, CA who seek to rent an office have other reasons to come. Because the executive suites shared spaces and ready-to-use executive office spaces also offer enticements such as startup cost savings, professional meeting space, flexible lease terms, and budget-friendly charges.

Whether you are looking for a furnished executive office, temporary working space, coworking space, or team rooms, HPC has done a lot to create a conducive work environment for the entertainment community to advance their careers and productions. With a total of six locations and a sound stage in southern California, the office spaces cater to both long and short-term visitors on various missions. Visitors in Santa Monica can take advantage of organized tours and same-day move-in offers to take up space at any of the idyllic office spaces available for rent. To visit or make a book space, simply call 888-296-7825 or visit the website