Rent Furnished Executive Office Spaces

Rent Furnished Executive Office Spaces in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles CA is the largest city in the United States and typically has over 45 million visitors every year. As the entertainment and motion picture capital of the world, millions of entertainment professionals from across the country and the world are in L.A. Many are producing and directing their own films, but anything associated with the TV/film industry, such as production, post-production, media, and publishing is what Hollywood Production Centers or HPC was specially designed for.

The luxury executive office spaces and meeting rooms are stunning, and they will more than meet your needs. All of the amenities are combined in the rent, which also includes utilities. Since 2000, our high-class furnished offices and prestigious properties have been able to provide the perfect location for you and your team to excel.

The executive office suites, high-quality meeting rooms, and luxury amenities provide the environment for you and your team to do what you love to do the best. HPC has a fantastic reputation for providing a lifestyle solution for entertainment professionals for the long term or short term with furnished executive office spaces.

There are five separate locations in the Los Angeles CA area: two beautiful buildings in Hollywood and three in Glendale. All five feature a stylish, contemporary/modern, fully-furnished front lobby that you will be proud to have your guests see. All the executive office spaces and suites have exterior, turn-key doors, furnished with colorful, modern furniture and decor on the interior.

What makes HPC a step above most complexes are the amenities that are included with the monthly rent. The building has stunning conference/meeting rooms that are fully furnished, a coffee cafe for a quick brunch or lunch, a gym with lockers and personal trainers, and a hair salon are available right on the premises, so there’s no need to leave the property and fight the traffic. Every office or office suite is also equipped with voice, data, and high-speed internet. The tenant never has to worry about connecting these services because they are ready to go. Hollywood PC likes to anticipate your need and have everything included in one rental package.

It’s difficult to imagine how spectacular the five luxury-furnished office buildings are, so the owners of Hollywood PC would like to offer you a virtual tour of the premises, to see the amazing office spaces yourself. Simply go to and schedule a tour at a time that is convenient for you. We know you will be impressed, and there is information on contacting our offices.