Professional Office Space Rentals

Professional Office Space Rentals near Silver Lake, CA

Working in the Entertainment Industry, or any industry is exhausting. With constant time and financial demands, it is important to diffuse stress before it takes root in one’s life.The goal of Hollywood Production Center is to provide luxurious office space to those in the industry at a convenient location and price.

Each location boasts amenities like furnished offices or suites; parking, including valet parking; gated facility, with round the clock video surveillance; professional reception and janitorial services; preinstalled phone, voicemail, and internet services; on-site gym with showers, personal trainer, and massage therapists, are dog friendly, and, best of all, the convenience of the same day move in!

The facilities located near Silver Lake CA are in Hollywood and Glendale. HPC1 is within walking distance of Sunset Gower Studios and close to Raleigh Studios. HPC2 is in Glendale and a great place for attorneys, agents, managers, realtors, and anyone else in need of spacious offices and sizable meeting rooms. It is six floors plus a basement. HPC3 and HPC5 are also in Glendale and is a modern space ideal for post-production work. These locations have skylights, balconies, and private entrances. HPC4 is off of Santa Monica Boulevard and is an amazing 31,000 square feet of furnished office space. It contains a conference room for tenants, a Brasil Kiss Cafe, up and downstairs patios, as well as plenty of lunch trucks during the week. HPC at TENTEN is the perfect place to “live, work, and play” in the executive suite office spaces.

Our facilities will meet all the needs of growing businesses or the fast-paced lifestyle of those in the entertainment industry. With many lease options including month to month or long term and the convenience of the tour today, move in today options, HPC can meet all your needs for office space. Furnished offices reduce the stress of moving in as well as lowering start-up costs for any venture. The sleek, modern style will make every venture seem sophisticated and professional.