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Malibu is a beautiful beach city located within California. The city is a part of the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles County and makes up 21 miles of prime Pacific coastline. The city is sometimes playfully referred to as “The Bu” by the surfers and locals. The Pacific Coast Highway crosses through the city, leading many tourists to stop and enjoy the beauty as they travel through California. The Santa Monica Mountains also add to the scenery of the area, and they run about 40 miles east-west from the Hollywood Hills to Point Mugu in Ventura County.

Its true claim to fame is its proximity to all things Hollywood and entertainment industry related, so it has become the hot spot for celebrities to move to in order to keep their privacy. While some flock her to avoid the spotlight, others come to relish in it. The city is known for all of its beauty and glamour, which has made it a popular location to film for television and movies. The wildly popular television drama The O.C. filmed a majority of its scenes from real homes in the city, which aided the look and feel of the characters’ rich life. Other famous movies and shows include shots from Hannah Montana, The Even Stevens Movie and the Mary-Kate and Ashley film So Little Time.

This city makes for a fantastic location to live in as well as do work in, which has made it a very popular destination. The city offers luxurious production office space because of its popularity as a set location, and they know how much it easier it to shoot in the morning and then work by night. For those choosing to not live and work so far away from Los Angeles proper, there are plenty more options. The most common choice is a Hollywood office space, which guarantees your proximity to the city and being able to stay close to your contacts. Another fantastic and up and coming option is a Glendale office space, which keeps you a part of the entertainment world and even closer to some of the major studios.

Options give you an advantage, but be sure to also know what you have in mind before going out searching. There are plenty production office spaces to be found in Los Angeles, so it is important to first narrow down your needs before starting to look. Have fun with it and above all else, enjoy your new office space.