Production & Post Production Office Facilities

Production & Post Production Office Facilities near Palmer Park, CA

Do you need to rent Fully-Furnished TurnKey Office Spaces to film your next movie or television show? This office has 5 locations throughout Hollywood and Glendale. The Hollywood Production Center building is in Hollywood, CA. It is set within walking distance of Sunset Gower Studios and Raleigh Studios. This studio is set up for editors, producers, writers, and designers. This building features office suites. The Hollywood Production Center provides janitorial and security services in addition to the office space. We offer Production & Post Production Office Spaces in the heart of Hollywood,CA.

HPC offers Production & Post Production Office Facilities. You will find pre-installed, voice, data, and high-speed internet in Hollywood PC. You will also find an onsite gym, showers, personal trainer, yoga instructor, masseuse, and car wash. HPC has everything for you on our sound stage near Palmer Park, CA where fantastic Production & Post Production Office Facilities await you in Hollywood, PC.

We offer month-to-month and long-term leases. Contact Hollywood Production Center to find out more. Our Office Facilities also feature a filming location of office sets, patios, gyms, courtyards, rooftops, and more. We rent out our Sound Stage for same-day move-ins. This rental arrangement helps you save money on start-up costs. There are advantages to having a cost-saving environment such as our sound stage in the heart of Hollywood, CA. We offer 5 locations, two in Hollywood, CA, and three in Glendale. Hollywood’s PC2 offers rental spaces for professionals in need of executive offices including spaces in Palmer Park, CA. Hollywood PC.

Hollywood PC3 offers art office spaces on the basement level. This facility has three floors. Hollywood PC4 offers 100 office spaces, an onsite café, as well as Monday through Friday lunch trucks. All of our buildings are dog-friendly in addition. Our office suits feature skylights, balconies, and private entrances. HPC at 10-10 Wilshire is another suite designed for start-ups and entrepreneurs. We offer office spaces for production, post-production, electronic gaming, entertainment, media, fashion, legal, finance, consulting, real estate, advertising, sales, and much more.