Production & Post Production Office Facilities

Production & Post Production Office Facilities Near Griffith Park, CA

Get superior office space located near the scenic Griffith Park CA area with plenty of corporate activities. Enjoy a great. Community to work and be creative, for far less than their competitors at Hollywood PC. They cater to every facet of the music and entertainment industry with features that include a meeting room, music room, and conference center. You’ll have everything you need to create your next hit video or film. They even offer on-site assistance along with your production team. Top syndicated networks including CBS and NBC have utilized their office space to makes television’s top programs.

They offer fully furnished office space that is guaranteed to grow with your production team. You get your choice of several floor plans with four well-kept locations. Enjoy a private, open, closed, or shared office space with Hollywood PC. Get cost-effective production & post-production office facilities including your basic utilities. Get modernized office equipment, a sophisticated interior design, a front desk directory & receptionist, and skylights in each office. Energetic, proactive, savvy, and creative professionals will enjoy coming to work each day. Your new office will be your home away from home to get the job done.

Imagine having panoramic views of downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood. You’ll make some of your top decisions with your colleagues with a view of the city. Their well-kept interior will impress your clients. Come to and from work in style with valet parking and within a completely gated community. Feel safe knowing they offer a 24/7, courtesy officer to answer your questions or walk you to your vehicle. Their privacy extends to their clients with a private entrance. Put together a small office party with your all-inclusive gourmet kitchen with an oven, microwave, toaster, and coffee maker.

HPC caters to their tenants with fully-furnished turnkey office spaces available immediately with approved credit. Enjoy a full private gym with a shower located discreetly in your office. Tenants can customize their housekeeping and have their office cleaned when they want without the worry of a strange cleaning crew in your office. Your office should provoke you to do your best work every day along with your crew. However, their office space is equipped with a state of the art sound stage which is perfect for fashion shows and consultants, tax professionals, and more.

You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for details on how to schedule a tour of their superior HPC locations. Get office space that eliminates the need for overhead cost and office furniture with a fully furnished office at Hollywood PC.