Production & Post Production Office Facilities

Production & Post Production Office Facilities in Santa Monica, CA

For those who are looking for the best place to undertake their next film or television project, finding the right production & post-production office facilities can be one of the most important tasks that they have on their to-do list. It isn’t like there is a shortage of great entertainment industry-oriented office space in the area, after all this is a tinsel town, but finding the space that is right for you can be a daunting task at best. For those who are looking to find the best Fully-Furnished Turnkey Office Spaces in Santa Monica CA, the only smart choice is Hollywood Production Centers.

HPC is the leader in ready to occupy turnkey office solutions designed with the TV and film entertainment industry in mind. Every facility that is run by Hollywood PC is built from the ground up to be a conducive and synergistic environment for those who create the dreams, fantasies, and adventures that entertain the world. All of the suites are ready to roll with built-in and preconfigured high-speed data lines, internet connection (both wired and wireless), and PBX-ready phone systems. All suites are fully furnished and offer a wide variety of flexible floor plans that can be altered to accommodate the specific and unique needs of you and your team. Best of all, working at Hollywood Production Centers is a pleasure thanks to the careful attention to all of the little details that go into a successful working space.

Hollywood PC facilities offer conference rooms, on-site café’s, daily visits from the city’s hottest food trucks, fully vetted janitorial staff who are bound by confidentiality, on-site massage and personal training staff, flower and plant services, shoeshine, dry cleaning, valet parking and more. In addition, there are ready-to-shoot areas such as locker rooms, courtyards, parking structures, hallways, office suites, and more that you can book for scenes in your project. The Glendale location even offers a state of the art, fully equipped sound stage for your projects and has ready to use editing and post-production bays that are the rival of those found at the biggest studios.

If you would like to know more about how HPC can be your production partner in your next TV or film project why not check out their company’s website and be sure to register for a free tour. Come see why Hollywood Production Centers is the top choice for ready to occupy office space for the TV and film industry in southern California.