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Newark is the largest city in New Jersey, and is considered one of the nation’s major air, shipping and rail hubs. The city is located in the area that most locals refer to as the Gateway Region. The city is further divided into five geographical wards that range from bustling urban districts to quiet suburban neighborhoods. Such variety entices various people with different lifestyle to move here and make it home. The city is also home to Branch Brook Park, which is the oldest county park in the United States, and is even more famous for housing the nation’s largest collection of cherry blossom trees. The beautiful park is 360 acres and has over 4,300 cherry blossom trees.

Newark’s popularity also stems from the outdoor recreational activities that are available in the area. The city houses a large number of sport fans, and their pride and joy are the Prudential Center and the Bears & Eagles Riverfront Baseball Stadium. The Prudential Center is home of the National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils. The NHL team formed in 1982 and moved to their current city in 2007, and their big fans have followed them throughout. The stadium also houses the NCAA’s Seton Hall Pirates men’s basketball team.

The city makes a fantastic location for a fun and social life, but it also serves the community’s business needs. This area is headquarters to numerous corporations, such as Prudential Financial and PSEG. Having such big players in the neighborhood has made it easy for the city to transition to offering executive office spaces. There are now plenty of turnkey office spaces available for you to grow and promote your business in such a thriving area. To have a successful company you need to analyze your market and narrow down who you want your target to be, and most importantly, make yourself easily accessible. Your customers are what make you successful, so you need to take the time to research what they want and what they respond best to.

The East Coast has also grown to also cater to a large portion of the entertainment industry. You can now find various fantastic filming locations as well as production office spaces for pre-production and post-production uses. The best time to move your company is now so that you can take advantage of a new city’s offerings.