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Bakersfield is a beautiful urban city located in the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley in California. It is located about 100 miles north of Los Angeles and 100 miles south of Fresno. The very diverse economy here has made it a very eclectic place, with its major industries including agriculture, oil, aerospace, manufacturing and food processing. The city is famous for the various shows it hosts year round, especially the horse shows like 4H and breed shows. They also host Scottish Games and Clan Gatherings, the Lowrider National at the fair, the Basque festival and drag racing events.

The city is proud of all of its success, especially in the business sector. The growing town has grown with its residents, and some of the top employers include The Giumarra Companies, Grimmway Farms, State Farm Insurance, Sun World, Aera Energy and Kaiser Permanente. The large resource of companies has made it easy for people to move to this area to work, or even set up their own company among these well established businesses. Being so close to two major cities has its perks, and the people of this town have grown to appreciate it.

This area has also become popular for production office space in the entertainment industry because of the interesting locale and its proximity to the city. Many have found it convenient to have a Los Angeles office space, as well as a place where to work remotely on days of shooting. This location has a great outdoor area that has been made famous in past television shows and films, and it will hopefully continue to expand as the industry continues to grow. Another option for those choosing to commute is a Glendale office space because of its optimal location in Los Angeles. An easier trip between the two cities is sure to make you happier when you’re avoiding the traffic and saving on gas money.

This city continues to prove itself as a growing city that is bound for greatness, and its recent adventure into the entertainment industry will only let it continue its prosperity. You can still have that Los Angeles office space while also exploring the other beautiful areas of Southern California. You can’t go wrong with an office in an area that you love, so Bakersfield is sure to be the place that you want when diving into the entertainment world.