Production Office Rental for Filmmakers

Production Office Rental for Filmmakers near Sunset Hills, CA

Do you want your business office in a beautiful neighborhood with views of Los Angeles’s surrounding hills, or do you prefer being just down the road from the beaches? There are so many scenic locations like these to choose from if you’re a filmmaker, and we’ve built our Hollywood Production Center facilities near some of these locations. One of them is located near Sunset Hills CA, a prime area of DTLA that’s also near the Soho House and the famous Beverly Hilton. So why should you set up an office for filmmaking on our property?

Renting an office here at Hollywood PC not only allows you access to a well-designed business infrastructure that includes secure high-speed internet but it’s also flexible and scalable for when you need to add more space or downsize. Filmmaking can be done on our property with the support of our in-house engineers who can assist you and your team at the sound stage. But you also have time to plan and meet with your team or other clients when you use the conference rooms or meeting spaces on our property. Our production & post-production facilities also have a gym where you’ll have your own locker at, massage center, game and lounge areas and a variety of housekeeping and concierge services.

Are you now interested in leasing a production office rental near Sunset Hills but just not sure which lease would be right for you? At HPC, our lease options are month-to-month and you don’t have to make a multi-year investment in the property. You just need to meet a few requirements we have and you can get started working here. To get started, signup for our property tour by giving us a call at 323-785-2100, or visit us at