On Site Filming


Are you a writer, editor or film making professional in need of a great place to complete your next project? The Hollywood Production Center has been here for companies in the entertainment business since we started back in 2001. You can get set up and film your next product at one of our locations in West Hollywood or Glendale. Once you choose to do your next job at one of our locations, you can decide whether or not you need a long term lease or a month to month arrangement. It’s all up to the needs of you and your writers, editors or film crews.

At the production center we can offer our clients a place to relax just like a home away from home where you can film one project or film all your jobs, it’s all up to what you and your company needs or desires. We can offer your company same day access to all of the all inclusive production space, gyms, rooftops, courtyards or other types of arrangements you need. Our center has state of the art facilities that can provide things like Internet access, a hair salon, a gym, lockers and even a personal trainer if you desire it. Your company will get all of the creative space that is required.

Our experts have the top experience that everyone in the entertainment field needs and desires and we can help your company to succeed in your next project. Our areas offer you and your company a prime spot right in the heart of the Hollywood area and we can help to cut through any red tape and get you things like needed permits or other items for your next project. We also provide plenty of security, lots of parking and our café will ensure that you and your staff don’t go hungry.

So, if you are looking for the best possible place in the West Hollywood area for your next creation, look no further than the Hollywood Production Center. Contact us today by contacting us through our website.