On Site Filming


Choosing a place to film is an important task. There are many factors to consider when choosing a creative space near Glendale Courthouse. You have to the needs of your production crew. You have to make sure that there is ample parking and food service nearby. Then once you find the right space you have the task of obtaining a permit. The start-up cost for obtaining a permit and securing an area can be very expensive.

Hollywood Production Center offers a smart alternative to all the hassles of finding a secure location to film. You can get everything you need in one place. You can have access to a creative space where you and your production crew can plan and execute your film. If you need a hair stylist, we have a salon on site. When you need a private area for meetings you can utilize our all inclusive office space. This creative space is perfect to help you gather your thoughts and organize your production with colleges and staff.

Our unique facilities offer plenty of parking spaces. You can even have access to valet parking if needed. If your staff gets stressed during the production process you can take advantage of our on site masseuse. There is also a gym available on site so you can take advantage of down time. We also have a personal trainer and yoga instructor available.

During breaks your staff will be able to grab food from the cafe. You will not have to worry about your staff leaving the site. Your will have the satisfaction of knowing that everything that you need is readily available near Glendale Courthouse. You can take less time worrying about making sure that everyone is taken care off and more time focusing on the quality and integrity of your film.

Your time is valuable; you should not waist any more of your time searching for an ideal location that you do not know if you will be able to secure. A proper production space is important for film morale. Save money on permits and secure a perfect place for on site filming today.

Get everything you need on site for production with Hollywood Production Center Using Hollywood Production Center is a smart and alternative to on site production. By using our services you can save valuable time and effort. Our space offers everything that you could possibly need all in one modern facility.