Office Rentals


Office space rental in Glendale, CA has been serving creative professionals in the Los Angeles area for some time. We know firsthand how important it is for the office environment to meet the comprehensive needs of busy, creative professionals like you. Our executive office rental space comes with the amenities any professional or business leasing an office space would require.


We know that office professionals have a diverse set of needs. Each of the office solutions were developed with an array of individuals in mind. Convenient break rooms are featured in all of our rental office spaces and are stocked at all times with cappuccino, espresso machine, mocha and coffee for the all-nighter crowd. Lifestyle amenities are a part of each of our facilities; personal trainers, workout rooms and yoga classes provide an excellent opportunity for the professional on the go who would benefit from squeezing in a good a workout in between meetings. Pet grooming services are always available to serve those with companions in tow. The premises are well maintained, a bonus for those entertaining client’s onsite. Spa services provide a relaxing, much-needed break for the busy professional with the particularly demanding schedule.


Different office layouts with a mix of amenities available serve creative professionals from all backgrounds. Office rental spaces central to key professional areas like Hollywood and Glendale are located within minutes of top studio locations. All short-term leasing options available give professionals endless, flexible office rental terms to suit their leasing needs. Contract leasing for office space in Los Angeles can be expanded or modified as required with little notice as needs change. Choose from functional, furnished and non-furnished rental spaces for executive office and production office layouts designed with the creative professional in mind.

Business needs Met

All of the amenities to be expected in any other office setting are included in all office packages. Conference rooms contain WIFI connection and state-of-the-art conferencing equipment to keep professionals productive at all times. Individual offices have dedicated phone lines and internet access to help professionals stay on top of their demanding schedules. Security surveillance available around the clock keeps clients safe as they work around late into the midnight hours. Unattended items and sensitive material remain secure at all times with highly-trained security personnel.

All of our office spaces are convenient to most major studios in the Los Angeles areas, and come fully equipped with best amenities tailored to meet the needs of production and creative professionals. Flexible leasing terms, floor plans and generous amenities fit the diverse needs of producers, editors, and other creative professionals.