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Miami is considered a leader in many aspects of business from finance to entertainment, from commerce to the arts. Miami has a record for being one of top ranked in the United States for many sectors. Miami is also considered one of the cleanest cities with its clean drinking water, good air quality, and clean streets. Its tropical monsoon climate with hot and very humid summers typically consists of random afternoon thunderstorms that greet Florida with profuse rain while temperatures warm up. Most storms in Miami are severe with lightening, winds, and sometimes even flooding. Hurricane season usually runs from the first of June through November 30th. Although Miami is known for its thunderstorms and hurricane seasons, it is also recognized for beautiful weather and blue skies.

Miami is well known for its great fashion trends, beaches, cleanliness, wealthiest and of course it’s summer thunderstorms. A new trend that is rising in Miami is live, work, play buildings. Many businessmen and women choose to rent office space in Miami due to the highly ranked sectors, beautiful beaches, and cleanliness of the air. Live work play is a great tool when searching for the perfect location to reside in Miami. Although, live work and play is very trendy most business professionals still prefer getting a traditional office space.

When searching for a new office space: size, layout, amenities, and cost play a major role in the decision process. With every business specifications being different, finding the perfect space comes with difficulty. However, since Miami is so vast it provides variability and different options for every preference.

Miami believes in helping local businesses succeed by providing several major groups to connect with. Groups such as Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and the Beacon council are great groups that help create great opportunities for businesses to connect. Miami is home of 1 of 2 SBA locations in Florida. This Business Information Center in Florida is a great source that provides the support and guidance new business owners need. Miami also provides groups such as Area start-ups which mainly cater to new start-ups trying to succeed as they begin their new business.

Miami is the newest and trendiest location for any start-up business. It provides a wealth of opportunity for all types of new business owners. Miami’s great culture delivers the perfect location for all types of professionals whether they are thinking of living in the area or starting their business.