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Downey, California is a beautiful city located in southeast Los Angeles County. The city offers various wonders and beauties to enjoy. This is where you can find the world’s oldest McDonald’s restaurant and the site of the first Taco Bell eatery. Another famous landmark is Johnie’s Broiler, originally Harvey’s Broiler, which many will recognize from the various movies, music videos and commercials it has appeared in. In terms of prestigious achievements, this is home to the Apollo Space Program as it began its journey to the stars. Even today, this city was the inspiration to pop recording artists The Carpenters for their hit records. The city has embraced the arts in the past and still currently does so through their 750-seat Downey Theatre that houses the Opera Association and Symphonic Society.

Despite its location among large bustling cities of Southern California, this area has worked hard to keep the outdoors and natural beauty integrated into city life. Almost 100 acres of land is devoted to area parks, including fishing lakes, fitness centers and tennis courts. There are 11 large scale recreation areas in total, along with various golf courses that are perfect for all levels of experience.

This beautiful city was rated in the top 25% of ‘100 Best Cities To Do Business in California’ by California Business Magazine. This area has truly blossomed into a business hub where people have also settled in to with their families. It creates a fantastic balance of work and personal life, while also keeping open the opportunity to do business in the larger portion of Los Angeles County. A Glendale office space has been especially popular because of the growth of Los Angeles and the need for fully furnished office space. While almost all Los Angeles office spaces will provide you with the necessities, take care to pick the right location for you. Your location can be based on your target market, proximity to clients, or overall pace of life, but whichever you choose be sure to do so wisely. Once you choose your ideal city or area, finding that perfect fully furnished office space of your dreams is a breeze.

This city gives you the opportunity to live happily and work efficiently. Do not forget that while this city is small in the grand scheme of Los Angeles, everything is only a couple of miles down the freeway, so you will never miss another networking opportunity.