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Playa Del Rey is a spectacular location in the ever expansive Los Angeles County. The coastal neighborhood is a district of the City of Los Angeles, and is situated just south of Marina Del Rey. The neighborhood is recognized by rolling hills that were a result of ancient, wind-blown, compacted sand dunes. The dunes are known to the locals as “The Del Rey Hills,” which run parallel to the coast line all the way down to Palos Verdes. The northern area was also originally wetlands until the concrete channel was created, which is now the Ballona Creek. In the 1800s, the harbor was the mouth of the Los Angeles River until it naturally moved to its current outlet at San Pedro.

The area has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty and lifestyle. The Ballona Wetlands has given this neighborhood a lot of character, as it is one of the last significant wetlands areas in the Los Angeles Basin. It is home to heron, egrets, sparrows and killifish. Along with the greatness of the wetlands, people of this town also enjoy the marina, as well as the beach. There is always a sense of relaxation when people live near the beach, and this area is no exception. Small stores and business litter the area, keeping the locals happy and satisfied.

Playa Del Rey is a small quaint area that has really made a name for itself and continues to grow as a great destination. This place continues to bustle with life and energy, which has really made it the perfect place to start your business office rental. With so much demand, there is no shortage of office space for rent in this area, and they only expect it to increase with so much beauty and business that is sought here. While it is important to like to the area that you plan to set up your business, be sure to look into the specifics of renting an office, such as whether it is a fully serviced office. This feature will really come in handy when you don’t have to add the stress of paying bills or looking for outside services to keep your business running.

Los Angeles is a very large city, but finding a perfect section or wonderful neighborhood allows you to remember just how great Southern California is. It’s time to find the perfect office space for rent so that you can continue to grow and expand your business, and finally have the opportunity to enjoy all that Los Angeles can offer.