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Office Rental in Hollywood near Thai Town, CA

Finding the right office rental in the Hollywood area can be challenging. Many properties advertise that they offer all-inclusive office spaces when they are just offices with a few perks. For a real luxury office space that is all-inclusive, there is only one place that you should consider.

Hollywood Production Center is currently leasing luxury office space at each of its five properties. Our all-inclusive offices are just that-all inclusive. We offer a turn-key solution for your executive suite needs. When you sign your flexible lease, you can start working in your office on the same day.

Each of our fully furnished office suites already has electric, phone, and Internet service working in them, so there is never any downtime waiting for your utilities. Each office enjoys a shared reception area, so your business does not have to be delayed while looking for office help.

Hollywood PC has many property amenities to complement your office. You will enjoy private secured parking with optional valet services, access to our business center, conference rooms, screening areas, and everything we offer on our fabulous rooftops. We have a pool and deck area, bar and lounge, and a fitness and spa area for all offices to enjoy.

Our executive office rental will also give you some prime locations for filming. We have revolving doors in a stunning lobby, a helipad, a penthouse area, and we are equipped for second-story shots to give you the most advantages. Another benefit is that we have some of the most stunning views of the LA skyline and California sunsets n the area, all of which are perfect for backshots.

There is no question. When you need a great office location near Thai Town, your only choice is Hollywood Production Center.