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Office Rental in Hollywood near Civic Center, CA

Anyone that is looking for an office rental in the Hollywood area understands that there are many different options to chose from. This can make finding the right office a challenge. If you need to have a luxury office space in turn-key condition, there is only one place.

Hollywood Production Center offers the perfect luxury office space in the Hollywood and Glendale areas. We have five unique properties that are designed to accommodate businesses in the entertainment industry. Each of our properties offers flexible leasing options and are all-inclusive deals.

Our fully furnished office suites are stunning. They contain modern furnishings and beautiful decor. They are functional, elegant, and comfortable. Each suite has electric, phone, and high-speed Internet service included as part of the lease. Each suite also shares a reception area for added professionalism without any added costs.

Each executive office has access to all property amenities. This includes private secured parking, access to the business center, use of the conference and screening rooms, and the ability to enjoy our rooftop area. Our rooftops have a bar and lounge, pool and deck, and spa and fitness area. We also have amazing views of the LA skyline and the Southern California sunset.

Hollywood PC also offers some premium areas where you can film. We have a helipad, lobbies with revolving doors, second-story filming capabilities, and many different settings. We understand that every area can be filmed, and we encourage our businesses to take advantage of these opportunities.

Your quest for the perfect office location has been solved. Hollywood Production Center has five locations near Civic Center that are currently leasing space. All of our locations are close to the entertainment industry and everything else that you may need.