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Office Rental in Glendale near Westwood Village, CA

Are you planning a big networking event or hoping to attend one in Glendale near Westwood Village? These are quite frequent occurrences when it comes to film professionals in the area, and there are many things you should be prepared for when you attend these. You’ll want your business cards and information about your company, a pitch to make to potential clients, and most importantly an official office space to point to. The great news is you can get executive office space for filming and other business quite easily now, especially if you find a turnkey leasing option such as what we offer.

Here at Hollywood Production Center, both filming stages and office work is featured. Notable film companies such as Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros have worked here, and that’s due to the amenities that come with our office lobby areas, outdoor helipad, and advanced sound stage. But clients also love being able to get started leasing fully furnished office suites quickly and get to work with very few hitches. You just need to plug in your computer and connect to our very secure business Wi-Fi to get busy. You can print and send out faxes at our business center, and when you have important in-person meetings or video conferences planned, you can reserve one of our conference rooms.

Professional staff and assistants are also what sets Hollywood PC apart from traditional office space providers. They include our security teams, IT professionals, administrative assistants, concierge workers, and housekeeping staff. Other things you can enjoy along with your office rental include our on-site gym, gaming areas, and massage rooms. If you like what you’ve heard about HPC, you should inquire about our rentals by calling us at (323) 785-2100, or filling out our form at