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Office Rental in Glendale near Burbank, CA

There are many reasons that you may be looking for office rental in the Glendale area. You may be in the area on a project and need a temporary place to set up an office. You may be launching a new business and need an office space that is already set up to help you keep costs under control. You may even just want to upgrade your space to a more luxurious office setting.

Whatever the reason you are looking for a premium office space, Hollywood Production Center has the right space for you. We are offering luxury, all-inclusive offices at each of our five locations.

Our fully furnished office suites are stunning. Each office has been professionally designed and decorated to reflect the luxury setting our clients desire. The furniture is modern and functional yet elegant at the same time. The decor is flattering and does not detract from the open floor plans.

Each executive office is all-inclusive, which means that you will enjoy phone, electric, and Internet service as part of your lease. You will also have access to a shared reception area to add prestige to your business without affecting your budget.

Hollywood PC offers several amenities at its properties. However, one of our best features is that we are in the perfect location to see amazing sunsets and the perfect LA skyline – each worth filming. You will also have access to several unique filming locations, including our rooftop pool area, bar and lounge, and spa and fitness centers.

There has never been a better time to secure a luxury office space near Burbank. Hollywood Production Center is offering short or long term lease options and runs many move-in specials at their different properties.