Movie & TV Locations

Movie & TV Locations near Thai Town, CA

If you are on the hunt in the Southern California area for a location for filming production, post-production, new media and publishing of entertainment projects, Hollywood Production Center (HPC)is your ticket to success. Spaces offered include furnishing, utilities, internet, and phone to complement your entertainment industry work efforts. Our customer service is remarkable and you will feel absolutely comfortable, motivated, and enthusiastic to accomplish your goals.

There are five different centers for your entertainment industry project efforts. Two are located in Hollywood, Ca – 90038, two are located in Glendale, Ca – 91203 and 91205- just six miles from Thai Town Ca and one is located just 12 miles from Thai Town Ca,Los Angeles, CA – 90017. Each center offers its own style of office space availability, whether more suited for production & post production office space or more so for filming. Whether you are interested in basement office spaces, office suites with skylights and balconies, stand-alone office spaces, large and mid-sized, conference rooms, or even centers with a gym inclusion, Hollywood Production Center has the right space for you.

When you decide to use any of these centers for your next entertainment project, you are not only getting adequate office space, and furnishing, utilities, and equipment to meet your requirements, but you are also receiving the capability of pool area filming, rooftop filming, helipad filming, and penthouse filming; contestant casting, access to an on-site engineer and a center cleaning crew so that you do not have to do the clean-up yourself. The facilities are pet-friendly and you will get excellent concierge services in the process.

HPC offers great movie & TV locations. HPC has worked with a long list of popular network and production company names in the industry, including but not limited to CBS, Bravo, 20th Century Fox, CBS, MTV, Lionsgate, and Paramount. Some of the biggest TV shows have produced their projects here such as Models of the Runway, Family Guy, Burn Notice, and Reo 911, and some of the biggest movies: The Number 23, Four Brothers, and Life of PI. Scheduling a tour to one of the centers is not out of the question. Simply request a day and time and the next available tour that fits into your schedule, you can participate. Special requested dates are available as well.

There is more than enough parking available at the centers, in a gated area, in addition to its features, there is an on-site yoga instructor, personal trainer, masseuse, and even a car wash station. Leases are from month to month, but in the case that a longer lease is necessary those leases are available at your request as well. There is 24-hour security surveillance throughout the center.

Visit the centers today to schedule your tour with the centers. We will work with your schedule and show you why so many top brands have decided to work with us. Visit us today!