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Sherman Oaks is an affluent neighborhood located in Los Angeles County. The Southern California city is home to numerous celebrities and has become a popular destination for residents and tourists alike. The city is located in the area of Los Angeles referred to as the Valley, which is defined by the Transverse Ranges surrounding it, and is north of the heavily populated Los Angeles Basin. The area is relatively urbanized and has commercial skyscrapers throughout Ventura Boulevard, the main business street. With Bel Air just south, and North Hollywood to the northeast, the city is situated among everything you need in Los Angeles, while still catering to more family residents.

Because of its location, the city is enjoyed the most outdoors. Outdoor parks have been established for families to enjoy, and they are the location for various sports, mostly organized through the city. There are baseball fields, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, a football field, soccer field, tennis courts and an indoor gymnasium. This has become an area that brings in adults and families alike, and has given the city more of a community feel. Many Angelinos appreciate the space to enjoy the outdoors, and have even expanded farther to enjoy the nearby mountain ranges. Hiking has become a popular activity for residents who like to stay in shape and truly enjoy the perfect Southern California weather, so this area offers the perfect opportunity.

While Los Angeles enjoys the outdoor lifestyle, there is always still business to take care of. The city has been a booming business hub for as long as we can remember, and will only continue to grow in the coming years. Because of this fact, there is a large resource of Los Angeles office space, which caters to the entertainment industry as well as all other industries. A Hollywood office space is always a popular choice because of the surge in production companies, post-production companies, studios, distributors, and all other facets of the industry. Another location that has succeeded in garnering buzz is the Glendale office spaces. This city has proven itself to be up-an-coming area, and has created a large base of entertainment companies to grow its place in the industry.

There is a strong business economy in this city, and the surrounding county, which continues to bring in new business services and products. This makes for the perfect launch pad for your company because there are plenty of clients to network with, customer markets and access to the best resources. A Los Angeles office space is the perfect thing you need.