Looking for Office Space? Find the right space

Looking for Office Space? Find the right space near Toluca Lake, CA

There is a lot to be said about strategically placing your office somewhere where you can get out in the field quickly if you need to be there to address project issues. This especially holds for film executives which make up a lot of the clients we serve. We have office space near Toluca Lake, CA that we have all furnished and set up for when executives and members of their team need to quickly move in and get production-ready. We know how urgent the business is for you, so that’s why our turnkey facility will always be ready to get the ball rolling for you.

The Technical Features Of Our Office Studios

Right here on the property of our Hollywood Production Center, we have filming stage areas and a sound testing area that you can set up at when you reserve it. Our technical engineer will always be there to make sure you and your film crews are settled in properly and nothing goes awry. We even have outdoor locations that have been used to film current big rating TV shows.

The Inside Features Of Our Office Studios

It’s practically just a matter of bringing yourself and maybe your laptop or desktop computer or a few other items to get settled into our fully furnished office suites. Inside these office suites you already have your desks and swivel chairs all ready to go, and some suites even have their own kitchens and balconies with them. Anytime you need to host a gathering for your team or meet with clients, you can rent out our conference room either for one time meetings or regularly scheduled ones. Your lease at Hollywood PC will also grant you access to the building 24/7.

It really is simple to get moved into an office suite here at HPC, and it starts with the tour. You can become familiar with the property and pick out an available office floor plan you like during this tour, and then if you’re sold on it, we can arrange the move-in day even if it’s a same-day move-in. Availability of offices is to come first serve, so give us a call today at or visit to make sure you get your office suite.