Looking for Office Space? Find the right space

Looking for Office Space? Find the right space near Brentwood, CA

Facility Amenities You Can Use When You Rent Fully Furnished Office Suites Near Brentwood, CA Setting up a permanent office for a film company can be a lot of legwork and can require a lot of tax and legal paperwork you have to go through. Many film professionals now find it easier to go through coworking office space companies or other easy lease solutions that have offices already furnished and ready to move into. Our office company has this kind of space that has been used by executives from Universal Pictures and 21st Century Fox, and with all the amenities we have, our space may be just right for you to use too.

What Kind Of Amenities Are Here For Film Work And Off The Set?

Since you need a lot of space to have all your cameras, lights, and props set up, we’ve included specific areas for that here at Hollywood PC. You can have your technical teamwork with our engineers in sound management, stage effects, and more whenever you’re shooting a film at our soundstage. When you’re not in the middle of work either on the set or in your office, you can go to our gym where you’ll have your own locker, or even have a break at our massage center.

What Do You Get With Your Office?

Our Hollywood Production Center offices are not only furnished and ready for you to plug in and go, but you’ll also have very fast internet and ongoing tech support. There are also private kitchens with our executive offices, and you can enter our private entrance area. When you have important group meetings and roundtable events, our conference room can be reserved for those purposes.

If you feel now is the time to take advantage of what our fully furnished office suites have here at HPC, then signup for our tour. You can get a feel for where you’ll be working during this tour, and at the end of it, we’ll explain how our flexible lease options can accommodate you whether you want to be here for the long or short term. Just remember that the only way to guarantee you’ll get the office you want is to act now before someone else takes it, so call us today at 1-866-930-2806 or visit us at