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Hollywood Production Locations near Universal City, CA

Universal City is one place that people in the entertainment industry are drawn to physically. They enjoy the location because of its many places to film throughout the city. If you want to work close to the area, Hollywood Production locations make it possible. The sought-after office buildings provide an excellent environment for creativity to thrive.

HPC is safe, discreet, and private. Personal entrances are available for some of the suites, making it possible to enter and leave the building without causing a commotion. There is 24-hour security keeping watch of the property, too, allowing you to work whenever it feels convenient for you to do so. You don’t need to wait until daylight hours to hold a meeting or work on a project that you want to complete.

HollywoodPC has all the furniture and décor items needed to help you feel right at home immediately. You can start your business the very moment that you’re given the keys to your rental. You don’t need to worry about having things delivered to the building, either, because you have a dedicated address to provide to delivery drivers.

Full of amenities and flexible leasing options, there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t consider our building when looking for rentals. We make you feel safe and comfortable right away. We make it so your creative projects thrive, too, because we take the time to get to know what makes you feel inspired and ready to work in your newly-rented office.

Book a tour of Hollywood Production Center today. You’ll see everything our building has to offer you in terms of location, space, layout, and amenities. Choose our flexible leasing options so that you’re able to work on your terms. Call us to set up a time and date to check out our building right away.