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Hollywood Production Locations near Altadena, CA

Premium office space is now available in the Hollywood and Glendale areas at the Hollywood Production Center properties. We have five premium locations that are designed to serve those businesses that are in and support the entertainment industry. Our all-inclusive offices are perfect for anyone who needs a luxury office space in a prime location near the major studios.

HollywoodPC has five unique locations that each offer luxury office space. Each of our properties has different sizes and styles of office space, ranging from smaller office suites to large executive apartment-styled suites. All of the offices that we offer are all-inclusive packages so that you can begin to use your office space as soon as you sign your lease.

Each of the Hollywood Production locations offers unique amenities for the offices to enjoy. While some amenities are spread across all of the properties, such as private secured parking, other amenities like a pool or a bar and lounge area are specific to certain buildings. All properties have fitness areas and access to a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and masseuse. Every office enjoys a shared reception area for added professionalism.

When you lease office space from HPC, you are guaranteed flexible leading terms. We understand that you may only be in the area short-term on a project or may need a long-term place to operate your business. We are happy to accommodate your needs with long and short-term lease options as well as month-to-month leasing if needed.

Finding the perfect office space near Altadena is not as difficult as you may think. Stop by one of the Hollywood Production Center office buildings and take a tour. We are positive that you will find an office space that meets all of your needs.