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Hollywood Production Locations near Alhambra, CA

There are so many different things you could want in an office space. Maybe you prefer having a space that is already furnished and decorated because that will save you time. Maybe you want an office that is inclusive of utilities so that you do not have to wait to use your space. Perhaps a prime location near Alhambra or private secured parking is at the top of your list. What if you could have all of these things and more?

Hollywood Production Center has five prime locations throughout the Hollywood and Glendale areas that contain all-inclusive, high-end offices for lease. Each of our offices comes with electric, phone and Internet service as part of the lease price. All of our offices have been professionally decorated and furnished for a luxury appearance. Each of our properties has different sized offices to meet the needs of our clients.

When you lease an office with HollywoodPC, you will enjoy a shared reception area. This adds to the overall professional appearance of your office without increasing your expenses. All of the Hollywood Production Center properties have private secured parking. Some of the properties even have available valet services.

Each of the Hollywood Production locations has different amenities for the offices to enjoy. All offices enjoy access to fitness areas, a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and masseuse. Each property has additional amenities specific to the property, such as specialty offices with private entrances or balconies, dining areas, or a pool.

When you want an all-inclusive office space located in a prime location and offers many amenities, including flexible leasing terms, you want an office at HPC. Stop by any of our properties and dic=sciver everything that we have to offer. We are positive you will be so happy that you will be ready to sign your lease the same day.