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North Hollywood is a neighborhood within the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. Los Angeles locals playfully refer to the area as NoHo. The neighborhood is home to the NoHo Arts District and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences among other prominent locations. North Hollywood is just north of the Hollywood Hills, keeping it physically separate from Hollywood proper. The neighborhood is bordered by Burbank to the east, Sun Valley to the north, Studio City to the south and Valley Village to the west.

North Hollywood is known for having a diverse cultural presence in the area. Central to the new NoHo Arts District are contemporary art galleries, theaters, coffee shops and small vendor shops. The area features more than 20 professional theatres, art galleries, public art and professional dance studios. El Portal Theater is just one example of what you can find in North Hollywood, and following with the historical features of the area, El Portal will be celebrating its 14th anniversary since its rebirth. The district also features the largest concentration of music recording venues west of the Mississippi.

The Los Angeles office space continues to be in demand because of all of the great things that the city and its surroundings offer. Being in North Hollywood, your Hollywood office space can be minutes away and provide easy access to all of your customers. A Hollywood office space makes doing business easy and it’s in a great market. Even if being in the middle of a large city scares you there are also other options, such as a Glendale office space. A Glendale office space gives you the proximity to the city you will be doing your business in and it even narrows down your target customers. Whether a Glendale office space or a Hollywood office space is right for you, both offer terrific benefits that can expand your business and give it the boost it needs.

The business market is hard, but having that Los Angeles office space will have great benefits in the long run. There are so many neighborhoods in Los Angeles that each has its own personality and character, so it is just about finding what you think is a good fit. Looking into what your customers’ needs are is a good start, followed by taking account of where your suppliers or providers will be. You want to make the entire business process as smooth as possible without alienating any parties. Enjoy your business is a fantastic city such as Los Angeles.