Filming and TV Facilities

Hollywood Film & TV Facilities for Michigan Production Companies

Do you currently reside in Michigan and have dreams of going to California to work in film production? If you are planning to relocate then you will need an office space that will help you to be creative, accommodate your personal needs, and start working immediately. The Hollywood Production Center provide guests with a host of benefits that any filming professional will be able to appreciate.

At HPC, professionals will be able to get to work immediately. Every office space is fully furnished and comes pre-installed with voice, data, and high-speed internet. This is very beneficial because picking out furniture and décor can be very expensive and time-consuming. All the office suites at this facility include stylish desks, chairs, and décor.

In addition to offering an office space that allows you to get to work immediately, this Film production studio also helps you to save time by including areas to film in. In California, the task of securing a filming location can be very time consuming. First, you have to locate the perfect area to film at, which could take days or even weeks. After you have found the perfect location to film from, you must go through drawn out of securing a permit. The permit will take some time to process and requires a fee to be paid. Also, once you have the filming permit you will have a limited amount of time to film. A limited time to film means you will probably have to rush through the filming process; this could lead to mediocre shoots that do not meet your standards. Instead of wasting time and money searching for the best shooting location visit HPC. This facility has a host of filming areas that are open to any guest. There are no extra fees to pay or permits to get approved. These areas are available to you 24/7 which will allow you to take the time to record the perfect shot. As a guest you can perfect your movie with the help of Rooftop Filming, shooting on the balcony, courtyard, and even the patio.

For an added convenience, HPC provides a conference area if you would like to brainstorm or connect with editors, film writers, or your production team. These state-of-the-art rooms have white boards and technology that helps you to share your ideas and to collaborate with others. This facility also offers you the ability to recuperate after a long day of work. Equipped with an on-site gym, masseuse, and showers, you will be sure to relax after hours of working your brain.