Hollywood film and television studios

Hollywood Film And Television Studios In North Hollywood, CA

Whether you are an independent filmmaker on a budget or a large production company in need of a suitable location, the Hollywood Production Center can help you fulfill your need for a variety of dynamic sets.

Hollywood film and television studios have used this location for a vast array of projects. Our sets have been used in Oscar nominated films such as Life Of Pi to star studded films such as the Al Pacino and Annette Bening vehicle Danny Collins and the Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel comedy Bad Teacher. In addition to these films, our facilities have been utilized by a wide variety of TV shows ranging from scripted shows like Kevin Bacon’s The Following or numerous awards shows, game shows and reality shows such as the Emmys, Family Feud and Deal or No Deal.

HPC has numerous kinds of filming locations available such as a rooftop, office sets, pool, gym, conference rooms, lobby, a catwalk, and helipad. The production center’s views of downtown Los Angeles could also serve as an asset to your project and could strengthen production values. This variety of sets can accommodate a wide variety of films, TV shows, and music videos. The facility also has an engineer on-site and the layout of the production facility makes it easy for a crew to dress a set as well as strike.

The studios can serve all assets of your production from pre-production to post. Very few spaces in the city are ideal for all aspects of casting, living space, filming, and editing. This unique center can serve all of those needs so that your production can be conducted seamlessly. It will be easier to film and account for your talent and crew if people are all ready living on site. Suites can be rented for flexible stays; in fact, you can lease a room from month to month if this best benefits your needs. If your studio requires you to hold reality show contestant casting sessions, this location can serve your needs well. Additionally, this space can be rented for contestant living space.

A film production studio will benefit greatly from amenities including the security and clean up services. The freight elevator makes it easier to move production equipment and set pieces to the upper levels or rooftops of the facility. There is ample parking available.

If you need access to sets in North Hollywood CA, this location can enhance the quality of your project. Your crew will be in the heart of the entertainment capital with all the amenities you need for a pleasant and successful shoot. Call to schedule a free tour of the location.