Hollywood film and television studios

Hollywood film and television studios in Bel Air, CA

Looking for a place to record the next most-watched film, music video, commercial or just need a space to film? Bel Air CA is just the place, with it’s all so glamorous shots and a unique setting, there is no other location that offers such diversity when it comes to filming. The Hollywood Production Center has had many satisfied clientele through the services offered and unmatched customer service. High stress can come from projects such a film production; however, with this companies help, the stress level you feel can be somewhat lessened through the many perks that you will experience.

This company has five different locations within California and also one other location outside of the country. The offices are fully furnished for the renter’s comfort and to hold meetings conveniently within the building. Upon arriving, you will be able to find ample parking or benefit from the on-site valet. If this wasn’t enough, the building offers high-speed internet that will allow for rapid uploading and downloading during any recording session; whether it be data or voice. They offer month-to-month leases for convenient short-term projects and also offer long-term leases for those longer projects. HPC offers sets that will fit most needs such as: gym, office, courtyard, rooftop and much more. These sets can be rearranged and transformed into what you envision for your film.

Now as you begin to record, you would like to know that your actors are in the best shape possible, or you may like to relax with a bit of physical activity. The Hollywood Production Center offers just that, with its on-site gym, showers, yoga classes, and personal trainers. Not having to rush elsewhere to find what you can find on-site makes it easier to follow through with your routine and not compromise work for health. After this, you can relax by going to the masseuse in the building, which is certified and will offer the most relaxing experience to end any day. Need your car washed? No problem for this film production studio, it has got you covered with the car wash that is also on-site and readily available to you and other clients.

To say that HPC offers all you could ever need from a Hollywood film and television studios, is an understatement. They go above and beyond, making sure to cater to you so that your work will be the best possible.