Filming and TV Facilities

Glendale Film & TV Facilities for Nevada Production Companies

Hollywood Production Center in Glendale CA offers ideal office space for filming and television production. Glendale is one of the largest cities in Los Angeles County; the city is renowned for its vibrant entertainment and business district. The office suites at Glendale come complete with private entrances, skylights, and balconies designed to enhance the personal appeal. Filming crews from Nevada will be pleased to know that our Glendale offices are also fully furnished with modern amenities. The whole office setup and environment are replete with style to give the place a modern feel. The HPC Glendale office floor setup includes B Level offices, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, and 3rd Floor.

The flexible HPC leases are structured to fit month-to-month and long term stays in order to accommodate all client schedules. An option for same-day move-in is also in the offing for those looking to settle quickly. Clients can also choose an office size that suits their needs from the wide option available. To make every patron’s stay a pleasant one, all our utilities are hooked up and ready to use. This makes the setup at Hollywood Production Center 3 highly conducive for productivity while saving you money on start-up and related costs. The other amenities include:
• Ample parking with safe and secure valet parking service
• Professional meeting space
• Advanced IT infrastructure with pre-installed high-speed internet, data, and voice service
• Professional reception area with 24-hour security surveillance
• Ideal film and production setting that includes office sets, courtyard, and breathtaking rooftops for rooftop filming.

Outside the work sphere, the facility also features a modern gym, with a personal trainer and masseuse to help you with fitness. The recently unveiled new sound stage in Glendale CA is located at the heart of Hollywood and Glendale, which makes our facilities ideal for clients visiting both places. At Hollywood Production Center in Glendale CA, we take every effort to assist seasoned and upcoming Filming and production crews overcome everyday work challenges. The challenges include lack of adequate production space, inflexible term leases, and a one-stop-shop, complete with film & TV facilities. To get a first-hand feel of our pristine office space and film production studio in Glendale, simply visit our website at to schedule a tour. You can also send an email or call our offices at 888-296-6027, to speak to a customer service representative.