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Miami is located in beautiful southeast Florida along the Atlantic coast. For more than two decades, the Port of Miami has been known as the ‘Cruise Capital of the World’ after the fact that they are the number one cruise passenger port in the world. The Port of Miami houses some of the largest cruise ships, and is the busiest port for both passenger traffic and cruise lines. So much action in this sunny city makes it a hot spot for both domestic and international tourists. With so much movement going on in the city, Miami is also the second largest U.S. city with a Spanish-speaking majority, and the largest city with a Cuban-American plurality.

With so much sun and great weather, Miami is also a popular location for filming movies and television shows. Numerous films and shows take place and are shot in Miami, making it a major industry in the state. Miami’s large Hispanic population has also grown the industry as many Spanish-language programs are being housed here, which include game shows, reality shows, telenovelas and variety shows. Some popular films shot in Miami have included “2 Fast 2 Furious,” “Marley & Me” and “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.” Popular television shows set in Miami include “Burn Notice,” “Top Chef” and “Dexter.” Shows like “Burn Notice” and “Dexter” have glamourized the lifestyle in Miami, increasing its popularity and making it an even bigger tourist destination.

Such a large entertainment industry has made Miami an ideal location for a production office space. Miami has become a fantastic filming location, rivaling a Hollywood office space. If you are looking to move to warm city Miami can be a great place to set up your company because of the great weather, location and luxurious fully serviced offices available. A production office space here could make filming and editing an easier process and could cut down in your time spent traveling.

Setting up in a fully serviced office also makes your office a relaxing environment. Many people like to take a break from California, so visiting this vacation town can relieve your stress, and by leaving yourHollywood office space you can try out a production office space on the east coast. A fully serviced office is the key to success as the industry continues to grow and flourish in this entertainment hub.