Fully furnished office suites

Fully furnished office suites near Eagle Rock, CA

Need a place to write, produce and edit? Hollywood Production Center is just the place to do this. If you’re a film, television, music or entertainment company- or manage, produce or direct for one these- Hollywood Production Center is just the place to find your Fully Furnished Office suites. HPC has a location near Eagle Rock CA that is great for things like films and commercials. Music Videos too!

We really have facilities that suit the needs of whatever you are looking to do in the creative industry, and can make you feel comfortable and at home in our office space.

Hollywood Production Center has what you need to produce and edit your entertainment products. Television producers and directors will love it as it really is a great all in one, convenient place to work on projects. The facilities are great for TV and other people. Great production space, conference rooms and reception are all part of HPC. You’ll love the facilities we have and we’re sure we offer the best available.

Creative teams and others will really love this space, as we have great studios. Our facilities offer fully furnished suites, high speed internet connections, and cafe, lockers and a gym. You’ll really enjoy working here- as our facilities are set up to cater to people working in industries such as film.

We have great parking and great offices, and you’ll feel at home at our space. If you want to work on commercials, this is the place! Located in California, we’re the home of the entertainment industry and hope to attract professionals with a creative background. Our offices are great and have things like skylights! We’re also a great filming locations and hopefully this is attractive. Hopefully we’ve convinced you that HPC is the office space for you!

Please visit to get a feel for us and to subscribe for a free tour of the location.

We are the place for your production and creative needs, located in Eagle Rock CA. We have filming facilities, office space, reception, and amenities, and think that you’d feel right at home here!