Fully furnished office suites

Fully furnished office suites near Chula Vista, CA

Hollywood Production Center is located in Southern California within the borders of Chula Vista. Chula Vista CA is the second largest city in San Diego metropolitan area, it is the fourteenth largest city in the state of California with an abundance of things to do and places to go.

HPC was built in 2001. The center offers four facilities. Two of the facilities are in Hollywood and the other two are in Glendale. The Hollywood Production Center was built on the premise that the entire production team will have absolutely everything that they could possibly need onsite.
Traveling off of site can waste time, especially if most of the members are from out of town, so being able to stay onsite is a huge convenience.

The center provides production and post-production housing for the convenience of production companies. It also provides sophisticated comfort along with amenities such as private kitchens, and balconies, along with private entrances. A hair salon, gym with showers and lockers, and onsite personal trainers are included. For convenience, there are high-speed internet connections and data included, an onsite café, fully furnished office suites, and ready-to-go voice.
Whether you have been involved in a project that is producing movie films, commercials, or a television show this four facility site will be able to take care of all of the crew’s needs.

Yoga instructors, masseuses, and car washes are available on site for the enjoyment and time-saving value of the crew. Also, very necessary amenities are included such as 24-hour security surveillance, janitorial service, and excellent parking, which also includes valet parking.

When it comes to filming, there is no need to travel offsite to find other areas to film. The Hollywood Production Center has pool area filming, rooftop filming, penthouse filming, in Suite filming and much more. This facility was built and set up for writers, producers, filmmakers, and editors to feel at home. Production and post-production office space is available with the crew’s specific comfort in mind. To get your creative juices flowing, you need to feel at home, and that’s exactly what you will feel here.

HPC has hosted such productions as The Vampire Diaries, Blade, Hell Boy, and many more. The center is chosen by many production teams because of the range and variety of amenities, their professionalism, and sophistication. We welcome month-to-month leases for our client’s convenience. With clients such as 20th Century Fox, Bravo, CBS, MTV, and more. HPC has become one of Hollywood’s top production centers. Come and take look for yourself. Tour today and move in today!