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Santa Ana is a beautiful city located in Southern California and within Orange County. Only ten miles from the California coast, Santa Ana draws in a large beach-side demographic, as well as vacationing families. While only a few miles from Los Angeles, Santa Ana has been found to provide an oasis from daily city life. When you visit the city you will find people out riding their bikes, flying a kite or just relaxing at one of the many luxurious restaurants. Families are drawn to this wondrous city first and foremost because of the two popular amusement parks that are its neighbor. The infamous Disneyland and California Adventures is only miles away in Anaheim, and Knott’s Berry Farm isn’t too far from that. These amusement parks each of have years of experience and a powerful brand that keep families coming back for more.

Santa Ana has become a place for people to settle down in their homes, but it still offers a large business community that keeps it alive. Being near Los Angeles, Long Beach and Anaheim has its perks in that they can build off of each other and prosper together. Orange County has various benefits that can entice a business owner, and having Los Angeles County just around the corner makes these benefits even more worthwhile.

With business booming in Southern California, it is a great time to find that fully furnished office space you have been thinking about. Orange County is only a short drive away for the heart of Los Angeles, which is great news for those looking for a Hollywood office space. We recommend Hollywood office spaces because of the market it can offer and the connections you can make with potential clients. Another popular option for Angelinos is a Glendale office space because of its proximity to everything you need in Los Angeles, without all the traffic. Getting to your Glendale office space would be a lot easier if you are coming from Orange County and it could make your commute more bearable.

Building up your business is all about sacrifice, but it shouldn’t be a beautiful fully furnished office space that you’re sacrificing. Whether you choose a Hollywood office space or a Glendale office space, both options will give you the luxurious feel you want and the kind of market access that you need. Remember to make a checklist of all the requirements you need both in the office and in the surrounding area, and once that is complete you can truly start your search.