Fully Furnished Executive Office

Fully Furnished Executive Office Near Toluca Lake, CA

Toluca Lake CA is a scenic backdrop to a very popular office space with 4 very exclusive locations. Hollywood PC has been known as a all-inclusive workspace that has been utilized by the top local broadcast television networks, entertainment professionals, and filming making crews. Surprisingly, they also double as an events center with a full conference center, meeting, listening, music room, and complete events. Enjoy professional productivity each day to get your best work done. Their customers can appreciate their award-winning in-office amenities and choose their workspace over local competitors 10 to 1.

Their office space puts the need for confidentiality and privacy first with well lit workspace, a professional courtesy officer, and private entrances. Get high-profile celebrities on your film project in and out with ease. You can also come to work and leave in style with valet parking. Patrons and their clients have access to an attentive courtesy officer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, unlike other office communities HPC offers scheduled customized janitorial services. You never have to worry about whose in your office and can protect your confidential work material including a confidential scene from an upcoming blockbuster.

Get to know other like-minded professionals at their bi-weekly social. Enjoy charity events, meet-and-greets, and your company-planned event from the rooftop. You can experience other activities from their rooftop gym, helipad, and relaxation lounge. You can also use this space as a filmmaker to capture many points and set scenes. Their workspace even caters to filmmakers with a professional on-site production assistance manager available upon request. They also have enough space for tax consultants, fashion designers, small business corporations, and even quiet space for a writer or freelancer. You can also get a tax-deductible credit to cover a portion of your expenses.

Get a luxury penthouse executive suite for serious upscale professionals with a view of scenic downtown Los Angeles. HPC has the workspace with complete ready-to-use infrastructure for specific electronics, a complete Windows 10 operating system, free unlimited calls, and basic utilities included in your signed contract agreement. Start-up businesses can benefit from shared costs. Stop fretting over huge overhead costs from utilities or the expense of furniture rentals.

You’re invited to schedule a tour of one of the selected locations. Apply for an office at Hollywood PC and get your keys the same day with a guaranteed turnkey rental opportunity. Get an office suite that doubles as an all-in-one spot for serious business professionals.