Fully Furnished Executive Office

Fully Furnished Executive Office in Santa Monica, CA

When you’re looking for a spot to capture film of the big Pacific waves crashing up against a big dock, that’s what you can find in Santa Monica CA. This is where the famous Santa Monica Pier is shown in several movies and TV shows including “Baywatch” is located. But even when filming is not occurring here, it’s always buzzing with fun from amusement parks, fishing excursions, outdoor restaurants, and a host of other activities. If you’re looking to get to work in Santa Monica, we have office space available for you that can accommodate all your business needs.

What You Can Find In Our Suites

Our company is Hollywood PC which has served clients all over Hollywood at our facilities, and we’ve made it so our suites come with all the equipment and infrastructure capable of handling the fast-paced environment of film production. That includes having office equipment such as multifunctional copiers, printers, and fax machines. We’ve also equipped each office suite with workstations and very high-speed internet to always keep you on top of your activities. We also have receptionists who can manage your appointments and inform you when guests arrive at your office.

The Comprehensive List Of On-site Amenities

At HPC, we offer a wide variety of amenities so that when you need to step out of the office for a while, you don’t have to go far. We have lounges and entertainment rooms, spas, gyms and yoga rooms, and rooftops where you can schedule parties at. If you’d like to get back to your office suite privately, we have private entrances accessible only to you. You’ll also be able to get to your office any time you have a big project you need to work around the clock with. But when you do leave, our janitorial staff will make sure it’s spotless when you return.

How You Can Move In Quickly

At Hollywood PC, we want you to see for yourself what we’ve done to make our suites complete with equipment yet spacious enough for your comfort. So we have free tours we give of the facility, and we let you see any available executive suite you’d like. But we also know that if you find that perfect office space, you may not want to wait to move in. And that’s a good idea to move in ASAP because our offices get taken up fast. So if you’re all ready to move in, we can arrange for it on the same day. To get started with the free tour and possible move in, call (855)737-7534 or visit to fill out the form.