Fully Furnished Executive Office

Fully Furnished Executive Office in Glendale, CA

For years now, Hollywood PC has established itself as the ideal office agency for professionals in the entertainment industry. It has offices all over Hollywood, and it so happens to have a vacant office suite in Glendale CA.
The office contains virtually everything you need to get your business up and running immediately after moving in:
• Filming Set
The most notable amenities of the executive suite are an array of filming sets. The spacious office has enough room for indoors filming, and there is also a filming set on the patio for your outdoor needs.
In addition to the filming sets, the office’s location also makes it easier to navigate the filming industry as you can network with many other professionals in the industry in and around Glendale as well as get access to related businesses and facilities.
• Internet Connectivity
You will need a fast and reliable internet connection if your business is to run smoothly. HPC pre-installs all its offices with premium internet connectivity that is not only fast but also secure. As such, you can go about your work without fear of hackers eavesdropping.
• Presentable and Comfortable Furniture
You will not need to purchase new furniture for your HPC office unless you want to. All offices come with a range of furniture that is not only convenient for your work but also presentable and comfortable – they are guaranteed to leave a positive impression on visitors.

Play and Relax – The Other Face of Hollywood PC Office Suite

These offices are designed to accommodate more than just your work. They come with several amenities designed to help you relax after a hard day at work or even have some healthy fun:
• On-site Gym
The building holding this office has a gym that is fitted with everything you need for a wide array of workouts. The gym even comes with personal trainers, and you can freshen up at one of the squeaky-clean bathrooms.
• Yoga Classes
You can also get in touch with your inner self by signing up for yoga lessons at the building’s on-site yoga training room.
• Private Balcony and Kitchen
There is also a private kitchen with a wide array of foods and drinks to ensure that you never go hungry. Additionally, there is a private balcony where you can enjoy your food and drinks as you take in the view of Glendale, CA.

Book a Tour Today!

This is just a brief preview of the office space at Hollywood PC’s Glendale building. To get a clear picture of what to expect, please book a tour with our agents. You are guaranteed to be pleased with the setting, and prices are affordable and lease flexible.