Fully Equipped Executive Office Rental

Fully Equipped Executive Office Rental near Alhambra, CA

There is nothing that compares to living in an executive suite near Alhambra CA. TenTen Wilshire is the location that provides its tenants with the highest forms of luxury and convenience for living and business. There are also some really interesting activities for your downtime that the building provides. This is a living experience that transforms your life and allows you to enjoy the best of what life has to offer. Comfort and class are going to be a permanent part of life from the moment that you move your life and business into the building. It will change the way that you work, live, and play for the better. It will enhance all aspects of your life.

Life in Paradise

It is a life at Hollywood PC like you have never known before at 1010 Wilshire. The style and class of each of the fully furnished will envelop your senses and make you feel like this is home. All of the comforts are provided to make you feel like you are at home. There are large, well-lit bedrooms with linen services available. In the kitchen, there is a gourmet ready space with stainless steel appliances so that all of your cooking talents can be used completely, the moment you walk into your new home. There are breathtaking views of Los Angeles from your large windows in the living room that you can enjoy from your climate-controlled paradise. All utilities are included, premium cable and high-speed internet are ready to go, the moment you arrive. With housekeeping services available, you truly are going to be living your life in a paradise.

Time and Place for Work

Along with a beautiful living space, TenTen Wilshire provides access to fully functional offices suites and business services as well. In one move, you can move your office rental near Alhambra, CA, and base it from the same location that you live. This is not only convenient but it is extremely efficient as well. Like your home, the office spaces are fully functional and ready to operate from day one. They all have comfortable and classy furniture, multiple phone lines, and all the office supplies and machines that are needed to run a successful business. Clients can be cultivated in person in state-of-the-art conference rooms. Or they can be entertained through the state-of-the-art technology of video or teleconferencing that the fully furnished office suites provide. It will even benefit your bottom line by providing a great tax break in California for people who pay rent that is a combination living/business location. Your base of operations can be up and running almost immediately and that is going to add legitimacy to your operation as will the lobby business directory. This is a location that will improve your business performance and allow for a business to thrive.

A Place To Play

Life has to encompass some aspects of play for people to be happy and healthy. At 1010 Wilshire this is definitely the case. There is a modern, well-maintained gym available for all tenants to use and it comes with top-notch spa services as well. A tenant can work out overlooking the city and get the pampering that they deserve as well. The rooftop is a location that provides the perfect adult playground. There is a beautiful pool as well as a lounge area that provides entertainment and a great location to get to know the other people in the building. Some facilities are great for holding gatherings for your work. There is even a helipad available for tenants to whisk their clients in and out of LA for business or pleasure. How you play defines a lot about your life and success, these beautiful luxury suites define you well.

If this looks like a living space that appeals to your sense of style in HPC. Please visit our website and sign up for a short guided tour that will take you through all of the luxuries of the location and the thrill of living here.