Fully Equipped Executive Office Rental

Fully Equipped Executive Office Rental in Glendale, CA

Another long day of a film shoot at Hollywood Production Center has ended. You watch extras, actors, and other crew members walk away. You overhear conversations about long drives, snarled traffic, and bad roommates. You, on the other hand, smile to yourself.

At HPC, you work where you play – and stay. It’s an all-inclusive complex designed for your every whim. The complex’s offices suites have everything for working on films, winding down, and short-term living.
The Center is a production team’s dream. Its facilities are suitable for any kind of filming, brainstorming, meeting, negotiating, and editing.
When you take your show on the road to Glendale CA, no one place will have as much to offer.

Hollywood PC has studio-quality space and facilities to shoot scenes from movies, reality shows, music videos, or documentaries. You can arrive at the Center with nothing more than an idea and leave days or weeks later with a finished product.
Its fully furnished office suites are suitable for anything. Write or edit in quiet. Hi-tech rooms are great for doing post-production, drawing up storyboards, or adding special effects.
The complex is wired for every step of your production. An in-house engineer will answer questions or help resolve technical issues. There’s also storage space for all your equipment.
You’re here to produce your blockbuster. We’re here to be your stress buster.

Once you’re done, what are you going to do? The complex has much to offer.
Work your cardio on a stationary bike at the full-service on-site gym. Take yoga to set your mind and spirit straight. Meet with a personal trainer to set a diet or exercise regimen during your stay.
Alternatively, lounge on the patio under the LA sun and work on your tan. Have a drink while doodling your next big idea on a cocktail napkin. Share ideas with other industry players.
If you have the energy or time for adventure, Hollywood PC is close to shopping, restaurants, bars, and hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains.

All-in-one means you also stay here at HPC.
Eventually, you’ll need to sleep. And you definitely will need a place to yourself to catch your breath. In an executive suite that’s sumptuously appointed, you’ll find your sanctuary.
Stretch out on the sofa and build your social media presence. Sit on your balcony with a cup of coffee you made and watch the sun dance in the mountains.
Add 24-hour security and personal housekeeping, and you have everything in place to create your masterpiece.