Film production studio and soundstage studio

Film production studio and soundstage studio in San Jose, CA

For nearly 15 years, Hollywood Production Center has been the go-to spot for high-quality production and office space. At HPC we pride ourselves on maintaining well-equipped facilities that provide the flexibility and diverse amenities that entertainment and business professionals require to do their best work. Individuals based in San Jose CA can leave home at breakfast and be at one of our Glendale, Los Angeles, or Hollywood properties by lunchtime.

Our facilities are equipped to serve a diverse range of businesses, ranging from real estate agencies, public relations firms, and television and film productions. We have an appreciation for the specific needs that professionals that work in the film and television industries have. We have outfitted our properties with amenities that speak directly to those needs.

For example, we recently built a Sound Stage in one of our Glendale properties, making it the perfect choice for professionals that are immersed in the production stages of their projects. To meet and exceed our clients’ expectations our properties also include amenities like high-speed internet, an on-site yoga instructor, an onsite personal trainer, and beautiful furniture and interior design. We also offer valet parking, rooftops that can serve as filming locations, an on-site hair salon, a masseuse, and a car wash.

Our top-notch cleaning staff help to maintain each site so that our clients can focus on what’s most important: bringing their vision for their project or business to life. Our properties are great for professionals who are looking for facilities that are located near a film production studio or a soundstage studio in Southern California. We even have the capacity for teams who are in the production process to film scenes involving a helipad.

Over the course of more than a decade, we have had the privilege of serving some of the film and entertainment industry’s most well-regarded businesses and productions. Our clients have included television networks like MTV and Comedy Central and well-regarded film studios like Lionsgate and Paramount Pictures. We have also hosted productions such as The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Family Feud, Blade, Four Brothers, The Vampire Diaries, and The Emmys.

If you are a business person or an entertainment professional in Southern California, one of our properties likely has exactly what you, your team, and your project need. Call 888-299-5107 to schedule a tour of our facilities and see why teams from MTV, Bravo, and 20th Century Fox have chosen our properties to meet their professional needs.