Film production studio and soundstage studio

Film Production Studio and Soundstage Studio in Altadena, CA

Hollywood Production Center is a marketing office and suite occupancy space for producers, managers, and directors affiliated with the entertainment industry in Altadena, CA. Time is crucial in the industry that requires immediate move-in to meet deadlines. Our staff members include professional agents to help production companies locate required space for suites and offices. The offices are spacious to provide enough room for individuals like writers and editors. A must-see is all the spectacular amenities of the building and suites.

An important benefit of leasing with one of our agents is the fact that occupants can tour, sign the lease, and move in on the same day. HPC is serving the Southern California area providing a film production studio and soundstage studio for films, television, music videos, and commercials. There is a selection of space and venues available for lease on a short or long-term basis. Let us help with selecting the appropriate space to fit the kind of amenities needed to complete a video or movie.

The amenities of the facility are valet parking, a gated community, 24-hour security surveillance, a gym, showers, and a personal trainer. Hollywood Production Center’s sophisticated office space and suites are ready with executive desks, chairs, computer workstations, telephone, and internet access. There are a private kitchen, balcony, and skylights available in each suite. If set-ups are needed for filming, our company is the facility to choose for an office, courtyard, or luxury rooftop. All a client has to do is specify the kind of set and our crew can put it together for filming.

Tour the Film Production Center by requesting information on the website and providing a name, email, and telephone number to inform an agent to call. We respond to inquiries and requests for tours by email and call. Production companies and entertainment businesses are welcome to visit the facility during business hours or making special arrangements with an expert agent. Our professional crew members will work with companies to implement the proper lighting and sound. We will provide the appropriate sound stage with enough space to produce a commercial or TV program.

Contact an agent with our company any time of the day for immediate touring and selecting the right suite, office space, or studio. Come and see the amenities of the suites and facility. The facility is designed to meet the needs of working professionals in the entertainment business with comfort and ample space. Visit and tour the soundstage studio and occupancy space available for lease to a diverse entertainment industry.