Film Production Facilities

Film Production Facilities near Little Armenia, CA

The traditional approach to creating a film requires the film production studio to invest massive amounts of capital into sending the crew for a full team halfway across the world. In the modern era, most traditions are starting to fade, and new more effective traditions are taking their place. Movies are becoming increasingly reliant on digital environments, and green screen effects. The major plus side of this is the need to film on location has been greatly reduced.

Hollywood Production Center has been serving film studios for the past 14 years. We specialize in providing studios with an all-in-one creative workspace; our facilities are equipped to fulfill your needs from writing the first screenplay all the way to the final edits. We offer three facilities in Hollywood and Glendale. All our locations are gated facilities with ample parking and valet services for your VIPs. We offer fully furnished offices in a variety of sizes, so you never wind up paying for space you won’t use. Our more in-depth suites even offer private kitchens, balconies, and private entrances. All of our suites come pre-equipped with voice and internet services. All of our clients have access to our on-site gym, personal trainers, showers, and car wash. The suites are maintained by our janitorial staff and kept safe by our own surveillance teams. Our campus in >Little Armenia CA is equipped to take on new clients today.

HPC locations also provide plenty of possible sets for filming. Beyond digitally generated scenery, we also have locations on rooftops, in courtyards, and in-office spaces. Our staff will ensure that the equipment is ready to use in each location and will handle the cleanup after your shoot is done. For clients who specialize in reality productions, we offer contestant casting and living areas. Our Film Production Facilities are even pet friendly.

With over a decade of experience serving studios, we have refined our facilities to meet all your needs. We have helped work on popular T.V. shows such as The Vampire Diaries, The Following, Reno 911, and Whale Wars. Our film credits include Hellboy II, Bad Teacher, and the Life of Pi. We even provide creative spaces for internet studios, such as Schedule a tour today, and our staff will be able to help you set up in your new location that same day.