Film Production Facilities

Film Production Facilities in Edendale, CA

Edendale CA occupants, we at Hollywood Production Center are here to come to the rescue. We know how hard it is to locate an area that fits the greater part of your expert and taping needs. Our facilities provide you with the opportunity to get to work immediately in addition to areas to film your next project.

At our film production studio we offer you an extensive variety of luxuries that will permit you to get the opportunity to work instantly. All of our office spaces at HPC are completely furnished, which relieves you of the obligation of shopping for furniture and having it delivered and set up in your new office. Don’t worry about the furniture is outdated. All furniture and decor in each of the office spaces have a modern theme. Your office will contain everything you need to get started work immediately. Just bring your ideas and personal computer so that you can get started today.

In addition to being able to save you time and energy these Film Production Facilities are able to save you money. You do not have to shell out additional funds for janitorial services or security services. We verify that your official office stays clean and that you and your visitors will be protected with our 24-hour security services.

Filming at our facility can also help you to save money. Today film professionals are bombarded by permit fees associated with filming in a certain area. No need to worry about such fees when you sign a lease with us. Our facilities are available for you to use without the need for a permit or extra charges. We have our permission to film on our rooftop, the patio, offices, gym, or any other area at our location.

We understand that working hard can cause an appetite and thirst to develop. Instead of waiting hours for taking out to reach you, take advantage of our on-site café. You will be able to order food and beverages with ease. Quickly getting your order will allow you to quickly get back to work.

You are not the only one that will have access to our café or facilities. If you have guests that are assisting you on a project, then they too can take advantage of our facilities. For an added convenience you and your team can enjoy a private entrance into the facility.