Executive Offices, Work in Luxury and Comfort

Executive Offices, Work in Luxury and Comfort near Sunset Hills, CA

Hollywood PC near Sunset Hills,CA is the place to be when working on a big project. Businesses love to come here for the fully furnished suites and pleasant sites to see in California. Utilities, internet and phone is all included when renting out the companies office space. Many different kinds of businesses such as TV/film production, post-production, digital media, and publishing companies have all spent time in the nice offices.

There are four different areas for rent near Sunset Hills CA. The first trim in Hollywood PC1. This setting is an ideal place for industry-leading businesses that require more production office space. It is within walking distance of Sunset Gower Studios and just a short drive to Raleigh Studios. This place is built right at the back door of famous film productions. The Holloywood PC1environment is perfect for editors, producers, writers, and designers currently working in the film industry. Space can be used for individuals or large groups.

Hollywood PC2 is the next trim level. This facility offering office suites is six floors tall and has a basement level. There are plenty of different rooms for rent such as office suites and stand-alone office spaces. Usually, many different professionals will request a stay here. That means attorneys, PR companies, and talent agencies can be seen in this area. In addition to the fully furnished rooms, there are large and mid-sized meeting rooms.

Next up is Hollywood PC3. This building has three floors, a basement, and several art office spaces. Professionals in need of entertainment office space and post-production workspace will usually be seen in this HPC environment. All of the suites in Hollywood PC3 come with skylights, balconies, and private entrances. There is a modern style theme for all. Each workspace area is filled with up-to-date equipment.

The fourth option for rent is Hollywood PC4. This is a two-story setting on Santa Monica Blvd. There are over 30,000 square feet and 100 spaces for rent. This building has a full-service conference room and gym for workers to use. There is plenty of lunch choices available for purchase on-site. The cafe is run by Brasil Kiss. In addition, a bunch of different lunch trucks stops by Monday through Friday. There are upstairs and downstairs patios for employees to use. Anyone working here is allowed to bring their pets.

Give Hollywood Production Center a call today or schedule a tour online to get access to these lovely office spaces.